At Amazing Brain Consulting, our mission is to empower neurodivergent (ND) and twice-exceptional (2e) individuals to unleash their full potential in professional settingsand in life.

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The Amazing BrainBlog

Articles that focus on the good, the not-so-good- the funny and the future of neurodiversity.

The Amazing Brainclub

Learn more about our exclusive community-driven membership club for ND/2e individuals and their families.

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Amazing Brain Life Empowerment (ABLE) Program

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The Amazing Braincast

Podcast for ND/2e individuals and parents of ND/2e children.

Connect with a Community of Like-minded Individuals Working Toward the Same Goals

Changing the Perception of Neurodiversity in the Workplace - Today and Beyond

Strategies and Resources to Support ND/2e Individuals, Provided by ND/2e Individuals