Amazing Brain Consulting was founded Jess Norris, PhD, neurodivergent speaker, author, and podcast host.

Our mission is to support neurodivergent individuals  to help them reach their full potential and ultimately change the way neurodiversity is perceived and experienced in the world’s workplaces.


Writer of compelling content. Scientist.
Public speaker. Educator. Advocate.

I wear many hats.

But there is one hat that I never take off: Neurodivergent SuperMom.

My son, Steven, is part of the 2.3% of the US population that is autistic. The prevalence of autism has risen steadily since the CDC first started tracking it in 2000, and it is estimated that 20-40% of the population is neurodivergent. 

And yet, when Steven was diagnosed, I felt alone. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. 

Sound familiar?

As a parent of a neurodivergent or special needs child, it’s important to feel that
you are not alone.

I spent years learning how to navigate the journey of raising a neurodivergent child. I did tons of research – as a scientist, it’s what I am trained to do – to find the best ways to support Steven and provide him the tools he needed to achieve his potential, and even more importantly, support myself. During this time of discovery, I came to the realization that I am also neurodivergent

Because I am both a neurodivergent individual, as well as a parent to one,
I offer a unique perpective on neurodiversity.

I’ve been sharing my stories about parenting Steven (and his faithful sidekick/little sister, Olivia) through social media channels for a number of years – including the good, the not-so-good, and the often funny – and have received a tremendous response. Today, I continue to share my personal journey as a neurodivergent mom of a neurodivergent kid, while cultivating a supportive community for those who have a personal relationship with a neurodivergent individual. 


What People Are Saying About Dr. Jess!

“I’m a follower of yours, I love your content, especially about your son. I’m at a much earlier stage, my son is only 6. I love it when you talk about the progress your son has made, I hope one day to see that progress too!”

Mom of a
Newly-Diagnosed Child with ADHD

“I follow your content because I also have a son who was diagnosed with Autism. I would like to thank you for your daily encouragement and for sharing your experiences.”

Mom of 7-year-old Autistic Child

“Thank you! For all of your content and vulnerability… it really helps to know that other people are going through this…”

Dad of 8-year-old Autistic Child

“Our mom is the best mommy ever, and you should listen to her!”

My Kids

“Your content touches my soul more than I can put into words. My little cousin is Autistic and he is one of the brightest humans in this world, incredibly smart and brings me the best joy! I can tell you, you’re doing great work and I have so much respect for you. “

Family Member of Autistic Child

” I started following you because your content is so relatable. Thanks for keeping it real…”

Mom of 13-year-old Autistic Child

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