Jessica Norris

Dr. Jessica Norris is a stress management scientist who specializes in working with clients searching for complementary and alternative methods of achieving optimal health and wellness. She is passionate about teaching people how to stress less using logical and practical holistic techniques.

Dr. Jess has over 15 years of experience as an analytical research scientist. After receiving her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, she began working for a forensic science start-up company. The seventy-hour weeks that she worked were brutal, but her work was fulfilling, as it was geared towards making this world a safer and better place. However, her life took some unexpected turns: her father unexpectedly passed away, making her the sole caregiver for her disabled mother, she gave birth to her first child, and she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. And these events all occurred within the course of 1 year. Her stress levels escalated to an all-time high, which exacerbated her MS symptoms and adversely affected her physical and mental health. She experienced mounting anxiety, depression, fatigue, muscle spasticity, and nerve issues. About 6 months after her MS diagnosis, when her MS symptoms were at their worst, she had a personal awakening. She began to realize that her best shot at achieving her optimal health and wellness was to manage her stress.

Stress management is essential – not only for those with chronic illnesses, but also for those who are caregivers, or who experience extraordinary levels of stress in the workplace. Dr. Jess has dedicated nearly a decade to researching the science behind the stress management tools and techniques, including mindfulness, meditation, aromatherapy, diet, and exercise. Her teaching philosophy embodies true health as being all encompassing of mind, body and purpose.

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