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The Amazing Braincast is a top podcast about autism, parenting neurodivergent children, neurodiversity, and more!

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About the Amazing Braincast

The Amazing Braincast is a top podcast about autism, neurodiversity, ADHD, parenting neurodivergent children, and more. This weekly show, hosted by Dr. Jess Norris, features real stories and lessons learned from parents of autistic and neurodivergent children, as well as from interviews and conversations with inspirational individuals, educators, other parents, and experts in the field.

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About the Host 

Dr. Jess is not just another pretty face – she’s also one smart cookie. She balances multiple roles every day: writer of compelling content, scientist, public speaker, educator… but her most important role is neurodivergent SuperMom to her 12-year-old neurodivergent son, Steven, and his faithful sidekick and little sister, Olivia.

Dr. Jess is a staunch supporter of normalizing neurodiversity. In this podcast, she shares parenting lessons learned based on her personal experiences, both as a neurodivergent individual and a parent bringing up a neurodivergent child in today’s world. She also features interviews with authors, educators, other neurodivergent individuals, and other parents. Her podcast provides insight, education, and support – and yes, even a little bit of humor – so that her audience gains a greater understanding of neurodiversity.

Photo of Dr. Jess Norris, host of the Amazing Braincast