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The Relationship Between Stress and MS

Since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2012, I learned that certain things trigger my symptoms. Small changes that most people can adjust to with no problem can crap out my day in minutes. Like when the temperature changes, or noises are sudden and loud, or my physical activity level increases. However, stress […]

Spa Treatments with CBD for Pain Relief and More

So I recently wrote about using CBD oil to manage my MS symptoms. Since I started adding CBD to my daily regimen, I experience less brain fog during the day, less anxiety, and almost no debilitating fatigue. However, there hasn’t been any improvement in my chronic pain or spasticity. I initially wanted to try a […]

Living with MS – The Sobriety Test

Some people wonder what it’s like living with MS. Sure, you hear all about complications like fatigue, loss of motor control, blurry vision… but you don’t often hear about the not-so-common ways that it affects those who have the condition. I Was *This* Close to Failing a Sobriety Test… Sober This seriously happened to me. […]

6 Foods that Can Help Reduce Anxiety

We all have stress. But how you handle your stress and anxiety makes all the difference to your short-term and long-term health. According to a recent poll, 22% of respondents turn to food as a coping mechanism for stress. I am guilty of it as well. It used to be that, when I felt stressed, […]

Keto Diet for MS: a Firsthand Account

I love bread like Kanye loves Kanye. So why would I even think about going on the ketogenic diet? In this article, I provide a firsthand account of my first week on the keto diet, including how it affected my MS symptoms. What is the Keto Diet? The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate-protein, and […]

What Happened When I Tried CBD Oil for MS

There’s no doubt that hemp cannabidiol (CBD) is the hottest new wellness trend at the moment. People take or apply CBD to treat a variety of symptoms, including pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress. In addition, it’s commonly used by athletes to help relieve their bodies after workouts and performances. Some research suggests that CBD has medical benefits. Other research shows […]

Learning to Say No Made Me a Better Person

One of the most important steps of successful time management is learning to say ‘no.’  This critical skill has helped me to manage my time, and subsequently my stress – and at the same time helps me feel like I have regained control of my crazy life! The Old Me: The People Pleaser I used […]

3 Ways to Find Time for Self Care

Kind of a Big Deal of Info with Dr. Jess - Episode 2 - 01/16/2019 I hear it all the time: "Dr. Jess - I am so stressed!  And I know that self-care is important to managing my stress - but I don't have the time!" Believe me, I understand.  Between work and home and [...]

The Launch of ‘Kind of a Big Deal of Info with Dr. Jess!’

Kind of a Big Deal of Info with Dr. Jess - Episode 1 - 01/09/2019 Dr. Jess announces the launch of her new weekly video series, 'Kind of a Big Deal of Info with Dr. Jess!'  Every week she talks about a relevant wellness topic with logic, experience, and a little bit of humor - [...]

Float Therapy as Described by an MS Patient

I had heard alot about the health benefits of floatation therapy, but have never tried it myself. Float therapy is nothing new. Athletes have been using it in sports therapy for a number of years, and scientists have conducted numerous studies on its affects on chronic pain, generalized anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  My colleagues in the wellness […]